What are the expectations of e-commerce in 2022

A client trusts the online platform, giving all personal data so that the data is considered valuable

By Sanjay Desai

Online retailing is the future of commerce. The last decade has shown around the world that businesses are moving from offline to online. After the impact of the Coronavirus, there is a huge drop in offline shopping and a huge increase in online shopping. Studies have predicted that global e-commerce retail sales will reach a new high by 2021. E-commerce is expected to reach a market size of $ 188 billion by 2025. Online retail penetration is expected reach 10.7% by 2024 against 4.7. % in 2019. Additionally, the number of online shoppers in India is expected to reach 220 million by 2025. This shows the kind of impact that online retail sales have on people. With the increase in business, there are also certain expectations for online retailing.

Convenient shopping

Shopping should be easy and brighten up the mood. It shouldn’t get hectic like work. There are certain scenarios where sometimes online shopping becomes too complex when the customer does not get the product they want or there is a communication problem. With the increase in order, these types of errors are common and hence the proper system needs to be put in place and more manpower needs to be employed. Most people are drawn to online shopping because of the services they get.

Quick delivery

Initially, when online retail stores were launched, the delivery time was much longer, which did not attract customers to online shopping. But with the passing of time and with the invention of new technologies, delivery is getting faster and faster. But not all online platforms can do this. A one-day delivery system is what people need and are most in demand. Customers don’t want to wait for their products. It should be like offline shopping. The customer went to the store and brought the product with him. If this can happen in online retail, it would revolutionize shopping forever.


This is one of the missing factors in online retail sales that should be addressed. Sometimes people are defrauded and their privacy is compromised as well. User data is disclosed and sometimes misused. A customer trusts the online platform, giving all the personal information so that the data is considered valuable. A suitable security system must be in place so that the privacy of the customer is not compromised. Scammers see the online platform as an opportunity to make money by cheating. And this has happened many times, so a team should be put together to look into these issues.

Product description and virtual verification

The product must be described correctly and with detailed information. It should be written in such a way that a customer gets a clear idea of ​​what the product would be like. It can be like shopping offline, when we go to buy something offline, the store owner displays the product and along with that also explains the features of the products, how to use it and what not to do ? All these points should be mentioned in the product description. Honesty is always appreciated. Online platforms should be treated as a transparent medium; they must not be obscured by false things. Virtual product control is new and is becoming a key part of the online platform. Before purchasing the product, one can check how it will look on themselves.

Customer service

What do customers expect after purchasing the product? Adequate support from the seller. The online process does not stop when the product is received by the customer. It’s an ongoing process, sometimes the customer needs to talk about the product and how to make it work or whatever. Queries must be answered correctly, therefore, a customer support team is always mandatory. With so many controls, it is not easy to manage them with ease. But this is the
services that customers pay for, therefore after sales services are a must for any brand to continue its dominance in the market.

Online sales have never failed to amaze us. No one would have thought that we would be so dependent on online stores. But during the pandemic, online platforms were doing their best to meet all the needs of their customers. And that made people trust them more. In the future, the online market will be bigger than ever. There are many factors such as product varieties, transparency, customer reach, among others, that have developed online business. Future expectations are high and the coming year will be tough for online retailing.

The author is director, Fabcurate.com

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