TikTok fashion star Remi Bader shares the unexpected clothing stores she’s loving right now

Remi Bader

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If you spent hours of your life a little time browsing TikTok, you might have come across one of Remi Bader’s realistic transport videos. Just over a year ago, the influencer and curvy model started trying on clothes from different brands, just showing people how certain pieces fit. Soon she was able to turn the hobby into a full-fledged career.

Yet, as Bader’s number of followers grew, so did his debt. After all, clothes cost money and in 2020, in the midst of the pandemic, she was fired from her job at Tidal.

“I started racking up my credit card bill – I’ve always been a little careless with my money, to be honest,” she says In the style by telephone. “I literally went down to $0 in my savings.”

Although she eventually started bringing paychecks home through modeling jobs and later started her own business, Remi Jo LLC, she says it was Credit Karma that really got her. helped change things. She has now teamed up with the financial planning firm to sing her praises.

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“People think it’s just an online tool where you can calculate your credit score for free, but you can watch anything when it comes to your finances,” Bader says of the app and site. , which also contains information on loans, credit cards, and saving money. “It’s good for someone who might have college debt, or someone like me who just ran up my credit card bill and was like, ‘How do I pay this off? Or, now that I’ve been able to pay it back, “How can I manage my money better?” It’s a free and simple online tool to get the information you need.”

Remi Bader

Remi Bader

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These days, Bader is doing much better financially and his career is growing steadily. In addition to filming realistic transportation videos, she has also partnered with fashion brands for sponsored content and even hosts her own show, Impulse test with Remi Bader, which you can stream on Peacock and the NBC app. That’s impressive to say the least, especially since Bader wasn’t even interested in TikTok at first.

“In the beginning, my TikTok was dancing everything,” she says. “My sister was showing me these videos and I was like, ‘Why am I on this app? I refuse to be on it. I never do TikTok. I don’t dance!'”

After a few months, however, Bader’s algorithm changed and she started seeing fashion items on her For You page, which sparked inspiration.

“Everyone was pretending everything was perfect. Why don’t we show the right and the bad? I was inspired to do that.”

The 26-year-old has now become a staple for clothing recommendations. Seeing her shop and trying things on — then giving her a hilarious, honest opinion — is helpful for those wondering about sizing and fit.

“Anywhere I’m my size, I’m open to — I’m not picky,” she admits when asked where she likes to shop. “If someone tells me they’re a size 16, I’m like, great. If it’s cute, I’ll go online and buy something.”

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Still, Bader has a few favorites and his list keeps growing.

“Abercrombie had some great stuff,” she says. “People think it’s just jeans that Abercrombie does well, but they have jumpsuits, trench coats – really cute winter stuff – so I searched there. I also just got a huge package from Missguided and a bunch of GOOD AMERICAN. Then Target, Walmart – always shopping there. Free People could be hit or miss, but to me their XL’s are a bit bigger. In fact, I’ve gotten some good stuff from them. They also have a CRVY section on their website, which a lot of people don’t know about either. I’m pretty sure their jeans go up to size 35, which is my It was exciting to get stuff there when I thought I couldn’t And ASOS, there are so many different places.

Bader is also trying to diversify and invest in high-end clothing. She says she recently discovered that Reformation and For Love and Lemons sell extended sizes, and she’s even researching designers like Norma Kamali and Veronica Beard.

“I don’t really like to stick to one thing,” she admits. Instead, its buy currency is simple. “I just want to feel good about what I’m wearing. I definitely get comments from people – ‘It’s too expensive.’ “It’s so cheap. I don’t care. I’ll show what looks good on me and you can figure it out from there. Is it affordable for you? Will it fit you well? I just doing it for my experience.

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Right now, Bader is looking for more winter clothes. She says she recently got into layering vests and blazers, but hopes her shopping will lead her to a specific outerwear option.

“I was looking for trench coats,” she says. “I just ordered a bunch of these. I hope a is good because it was so hard to find one. Even though they are bigger, the arms are still too small. I just had such a hard time getting trench coats, leather jackets, things like that, which is frustrating. I have nothing hot. I literally walk around like it’s summer. People say, ‘You have to put on some warmer stuff.’ I’m like, ‘Well, once I find things that work for me, I’ll do it.'”

For those hoping to follow Bader’s lead and pursue TikTok more seriously in 2022, she has some words of wisdom to share.

“I think once you have your own niche and you have your own idea that you’re really passionate about it and want to talk about it and spread it, that’s when people are going to gravitate towards it. you,” she advises. “There are so many people who just blew up lately – GirlBossTown, Emily Mariko. They blew up out of nowhere on TikTok and that’s because they did their own thing. I think that’s the most important , find your niche.”

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