The Recorder – Remembering Greenfield Clothing Stores

Published: 12/28/2020 09:06:10

Years ago, Greenfield was blessed with many women’s and men’s clothing stores.

Starting at the east end of Main Street, in the Mansion House Hotel, there was a men’s clothing store called Farr & Willards. This store, years later, became Hanley’s. Across the street was a hat shop owned by Mae Dunn.

At the bottom of Federal Street was Bartlett’s, a men’s clothing store owned by Dave Bartlett and Merril Davis. This store eventually moved to Main Street. A beautiful clothing line was sold at Bartlett.

Going down Main Street on the north side was Louis Peterossi’s, another men’s clothing store, and almost next door was Spate and Company, a women’s clothing store that sold women’s underwear. Next door was Rosen’s, which sold men’s and women’s items.

On the corner of Davis and Main was BJ Michaelman’s, which sold men’s clothing, and Wilson’s, which sold both.

Further down the street was HG Carson’s, a men’s clothing store that was later sold to BJ Michaelman’s. Nearby were Ann August, a women’s store, and the WL Goodnow department store, which also sold both.

Also on the north side of Main Street were JC Penny Co. and Peggy Parker and Colodny’s, two women’s stores.

Montgomery Ward Co. and Sears Roebuck Co. were a few other large stores with broad appeal. Lander’s was another on this side of the street. On the south side of Main Street, I believe there was one called the Enterprize.

Up the street was Aliber’s, which later became Rooney’s. Aliber’s bridal salon is now on Federal Street.

Not far away was the Army and Navy Store, which sold mainly men’s and Clark’s Sport shop, which sold winter sports clothing. On Ames Street, near Davis Street, there was a women’s store upstairs, Mary Ellen’s, which sold a nice line of clothes.

As you can read there were many more that were located at the base of the Mohawk Trail.

One of the remaining men’s clothing stores is the Chapman Street Factory Store. Most, if not all, women’s clothing stores are now gone.

It was so.

Robert Bitzer, of Erving, is a permanent resident of Franklin County, born in Greenfield. He is over 90 years old and his chronicles are inspired by his own memories of the county.

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