The online retail giant opens a clothing store

The Amazon Style store in Los Angeles will use machine learning to recommend clothes to customers when shopping.

Amazon is turning to physical fashion with plans to open a clothing store in Los Angeles later this year.

the Amazon Style will offer customers a selection of clothing, footwear and accessories for women and men, with well-known and emerging brands.

However, there will still be an element of technology involved in the experience, and customers will be able to use the Amazon shopping app to personalize their journey.

They can use the app to send items to a fitting room, where they can use a touchscreen to browse more options. They can request more sizes or styles which are delivered directly to their fitting room without having to leave.

The buyer can also scan an item’s QR code using the app to get more information about it or send it to a pick-up counter. Machine learning algorithms recommend styles based on what the customer scans as they browse the store. Amazon One, the palm recognition service used in the company’s physical grocery stores, will be introduced at checkouts.

“Amazon Style combines Amazon’s love for fashion with innovative technology and world-class operations to help customers find looks they’ll love,” Amazon Style Chief Executive Simoina Vasen wrote. in a blog post.

Vasen claimed the idea behind the high-tech store was to bring “more looks and less clutter to in-store shopping.”

“It used to be that personal style was expensive and felt exclusive, but with Amazon Style’s sophisticated technology, unique store design, and thoughtful curation, we’ve made it easier than ever for customers to discover items they’re in. feel good and feel good,” she added. .

The browsing experience will merge with Amazon’s existing online empire, as customers can continue to shop online after leaving the physical store. Items scanned on Amazon Style are saved in the Amazon Shopping app, meaning customers can either revisit and shop later or find more items online from the brands they’ve discovered in the store.

According to Vasen, the technologies used at Amazon Style will be similar to those at the company’s fulfillment centers. Amazon is due to open its first Irish fulfillment center this year and plans to hire 500 people for the facility.

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Anne G. Cash