– Online auto retail company Carvana expands to Minnesota

When I first saw a “Carvana” ad, I thought it was a satirical commentary on our internet obsessed culture. The very idea of ​​ordering a vehicle from an online vending machine and having it dropped off outside my house was laughable. Well the joke is on me I guess because Minnesota is Carvana’s newest national expansion market.

The twin cities of St. Cloud, Rochester and Mankato will be served by a brand new Minneapolis branch, according to a statement. Minnesotans can now search for a vehicle from their recliner, press a few buttons and a Carvana driver will deliver the new wheels as a hot lunch the next day. Also, if you’re in the mood to get rid of your current vehicle but can’t bother sticking a “For Sale” sign in the window and driving it until someone calls you Carvana allows you to put your VIN into their online system and you will get an instant quote. If you like the price, they will send a truck to collect your wheels and leave you a check.

Carvana’s national inventory consists of more than 15,000 vehicles, and these four new Minnesota markets are expanding their market presence in 152 regions of the United States. .

Not yet introduced to the Minnesota market, Carvana also has car vending machines nationwide. You can go and see the 20 or so vehicles in stock and, after making your selection, a representative hands you a huge dummy part that activates the machine. Your new car then filters to the ground for delivery.

The future is here, and it looks worthy of Insta.

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