Successful company files for bankruptcy after trying to compete with The Villages

A fledgling company that attempted to take over The Villages has filed for bankruptcy after a landslide defeat in court earlier this year.

KD Premier Realty LLC has filed a Title 11, Chapter 7 claim with the US Bankruptcy Court for the Central District of Florida.

The company was founded by Christopher Day and Jason Kranz, two former large producers of Properties of The Villages. As each of the sales reps made $ 500,000 a year, and Kranz’s wife also made six figures selling homes for The Villages, the two began to get angry under the strict rules imposed by the sales organizations. .

Christopher Day and Jason Kranz started KD Premier Realty after leaving Properties of The Villages.

They broke free in December 2019 and sent an explosive email to all their colleagues at Properties of The Villages and Villages VP of Sales Jennifer Parr announcing their immediate departure. Day and Kranz lured some of their colleagues at Properties of The Villages to KD Premier Realty, including Angie Taylor, who also filed for bankruptcy.

Earlier this year, during a federal trial in Tampa, The Villages won a Judgment of $ 603,700 against Day, Kranz and his wife Angela, Taylor and former Properties of The Villages sales rep Nanette Elliott, who recalled at trial Gary Morse receiving a ring in recognition of its exceptional sales performance.

Properties of The Villages seeks to seize the assets of their former sales representatives in order to recover the $ 603,700 judgment.

Anne G. Cash

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