Stockagile raises €2.5 million to connect the worlds of offline and online retail — Retail Technology Innovation Hub

Miquel Subirats, co-founder and CEO of Stockagile, says: “The future of retail lies in agile working methods, optimization and automation.”

“SMEs have to sell as much as possible with limited resources to survive; they can only achieve this through digitization.

“Stockagile digitizes processes and connects different sales channels using the latest technologies to help retailers earn more. Our goal is to reach a point where many retail processes are automated, from determining price levels to placing orders with suppliers. »

Jordi Viñas of Nauta Capital says: “According to market research, by 2040 in-store and online sales volumes are expected to be similar, today the split is closer to 20/80 respectively .”

“Companies, such as Stockagile, that connect the offline and online worlds within the retail industry have experienced a boom following the pandemic and we believe this trend will continue, making it an essential part of the future of retail.”

Marc Castilblanco, principal at 4Founders Capital, points to “the rapid growth rate of retail technology that helps digitize and improve inventory management.”

“After a year as investors, we have pushed another funding round given the high potential of the project and because we believe that Miquel and Joan (Subirats, co-founder) can make Stockagile the go-to management solution inventory for the retail sector.”

Anne G. Cash