Spanish motorcycle clothing retailer Maximo-Moto opens…

SPANISH motorcycle clothing retailer Maximo-Moto has secured its first UK store at Astle Retail Park, West Bromwich.

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The move sees the well-known brand secure a ten-year lease on a sprawling 5,000 square foot store in Black Country Business Park. The retailer offers a range of motorcycle kits and apparel, from one-piece leathers to base layers and boots, with Shua and Bela brands making up a large portion of the store’s stock.

Kit prices are refreshingly inexpensive, with 1-piece leather suits (as per main image) starting at a reduced retail price of just under £200 – including 50% off. There are deals to be had in the store too, with some sports moto boots (as below) currently down to £68.

These Bela Speedo 2.0 sports motorcycle boots are on sale now for just £68!

Barry Flint, Asset Manager at LCP, said:

“It is great news to welcome a brand which already has a strong identity in Spain and which has chosen Astle Retail Park for its first store in the UK. It adds a different offering for buyers and we expect to welcome motorcycle enthusiasts everywhere when Máximo-Moto opens. We look forward to working alongside the staff.

The website is already up and running with sale prices across most of the store and free delivery on orders over £50. Astle Park retail space is currently undergoing final development and is expected to open in mid-April.

Anne G. Cash