South City social housing could lead to bankruptcy | Letters to the Editor

Regarding the May 16 article, “South San Francisco Public Housing Plan Raises Concerns”, I would like to offer my comments as one of the many ratepayers who will likely be liable if these unfunded projects see the day.

It appears that one individual, James Coleman, is trying to convince his co-workers to volunteer in South San Francisco, and by extension its tax-paying residents, as part of a social experiment to “lead affordable housing by introducing a new concept in the Bay Area”.

The problem is that with his grandiose plans, he imposes on the resident taxpayers the financial debts that will be an integral part of this public housing. He suggested that these housing projects would be revenue neutral or even profit generating, but in truth, this is pure speculation with no basis in reality. Additional taxes are not out of the question and any funding miscalculation could be disastrous. While providing affordable housing is a worthy undertaking, doing so by spending money that doesn’t belong to you, even if it existed, is irresponsible, even reckless. I believe that Mr. Coleman’s colleagues are well aware of this fact and that is why they are “restricting” this electoral measure.

As it seems that speculation on financing is acceptable when it comes to affordable social housing projects, I would like to add my own speculation. If the South San Francisco city government continues to spend like a “drunken sailor,” it will bankrupt the city.

Anne G. Cash