Shiba Inu community rejoices as online retail giant hints at adoption

by Shiba Inu (CRYPTO: SHIB) – the memecoin advertised as Dogecoin-killer (CRYPTO: DOGE) has become a utility token – the community has expressed great enthusiasm as a large tech retailer Newegg Commerce Inc. (NASDAQ: NEGG) has expressed interest in the coin.

What happened: Newegg’s official Twitter inc. (NASDAQ: TWTR) profile tagged The official profile of Shiba Inu and its main developer, requesting a direct message because the company has “a question for you”.

The tweet follows a report from Newegg in late April that the online retailer will accept Dogecoin as an official payment method on its website for consumer electronics, entertainment, smart home and games.

Newegg accepted the world’s first cryptocurrency Bitcoin (CRYPTO: BTC) for purchases made on the company’s platform since 2014.

The development follows recent analysis determining that an investment in Shiba Inu of just $ 15 would be enough to make its investor a millionaire if made early enough in the coin’s history.

It would also mean that you could buy a Tesla with Shiba Inu, as a luxury car dealership in Las Vegas has just started accepting the token.

The coin is also approaching an important milestone that will most likely be reached this month as more traders and investors join the ranks of its community.

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