Self-Help / Therapy eBook Launch in Online Retail Store for Mental Stimulation

Red Hot Shades & More online retail store (725-400-4761) has launched a new line of self-help and therapeutic e-books for download from their website.

The company has launched its new line of downloadable e-books and offers e-business cards valued at over $ 300 with every e-book download.

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In launching the new e-book line, Red Hot Shades and More has said it wants to bring families and friends together by offering self-help and therapy e-books as simple and affordable entertainment. They offer titles such as “Gluten Free Lifestyle”, “Me Time” and “Self-Improvement” for easy download.

“Me Time Vol.1” is a 300 page book featuring Sudoku puzzles, square mazes, word searches, trivia, star mazes and coloring sections for adults. The printable digital book is designed for people who are short on time but are looking for healthy mental stimulation.

In addition to the new line of eBooks, Red Hot Shades and More continues to offer a wide selection of high quality products to customers and resellers from a wide range of carefully selected vendors around the world. All products available on the online store have been thoroughly tested by the quality control team at Red Hot Shades and More.

Other products for sale in the Red Hot Shades and More online store include a range of popular branded sunglasses and watches. In addition, they also offer gift certificates and a range of promotions for esteemed customers on a dedicated area of ​​their easy to use website.

The company continues to offer convenient worldwide shipping and has warehouses located around the world to ensure seamless distribution. They are dispatched within 3-5 business days, and items arrive reliably in most of the countries within 12-17 days. They also have a dedicated support team for customers with shipping questions or issues.

Red Hot Shades and More is based in Burlington, MA and offers a high level of customer support, and is easily reachable via email and live chat.

A staff member said, “Red Hot Shades and More is a high quality store that scrubs products from distributors around the world. We are known for the wholesale prices of high quality products.

Full details on Red Hot Shades and More and their new line of downloadable eBooks, along with their line of other popular products, can be found here: 127

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