Retro Northeastern Apparel Retailer Unveils Plans for Rapid Global Expansion

A retro clothing brand inspired by a disco legend from the North East has unveiled major expansion plans across the UK and Europe.

Brutus Gold Boutique launched last year just before the pandemic, specializing in casual wear sporting hit titles from the 1970s including Yes Sir, I Can Boogie.

Now the Yarm-based company is set for growth – in part thanks to the Scottish national football team’s own interpretation of the 1977 coup by Baccara.

The company was started in February 2020 by Rocco Violetta, the son of disco artist Teesside Brutus Gold, aka Nigel Wanless, who has flown all over the world to DJ for the rich and famous, including at private parties at the Cannes Film Festival, for MTV and for Tina Turner.

Since its inception, demand has exploded for its clothes, which represent cultural references, slogans and musical titles from the 1970s such as Studio 54, Do The Hustle, I Feel Love and Hotel Motel Holiday Inn.

At its inception, the company was the only officially licensed seller of the Yes Sir, I can Boogie clothing line, with a portion of its proceeds going to the widows of songwriters Frank Dostal and Rolf Soja.

In December 2020, Brutus Gold Boutique reported a huge increase in demand for the merchandise after a video of the Scottish national football team singing the 1970s disco hit went viral.

Brutus Gold Boutique currently employs six people, but plans to increase to 30 before the end of the year, after appointing retail specialist Andrew Granville, who is breaking into new overseas markets.

With several new clothing collections in the works, the young clothing brand is set to launch two new production facilities in Australia and Italy in July to meet demand.

1970s disco legend Brutus Gold with son, Brutus Gold Boutique MD & founder Rocco Violetta

Based on its current trajectory, the company is expected to be supplied by fifty independent resellers in the UK, Europe and Australia by the end of the year, which will enable it to achieve sales of £ 3.5million over the next three years.

The company has lines from the 60s and 80s in the works and all of the company’s products are organic, ethically sourced, vegan-friendly, non-toxic, and shipped in plastic-free packaging, which has garnered the support. celebrities including presenters Jonathan Ross and Jenny Powell and record producer Mousse T.

Mr. Violetta, Managing Director, said: “We have put enormous effort into the development stages of our clothing, making sure to source from the right suppliers and testing the products repeatedly.

“It has been very hard work but also very rewarding. From the start, it always felt good to us and the brand immediately struck a chord with like-minded customers around the world.

Anne G. Cash

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