Retail Company Tries to Recruit 35 Businesses to Atlantic | Atlantic

ATLANTIC – A company that helps attract businesses to cities talks to 35 different businesses in hopes they will open up in the Atlantic.

Atlantic City officials, the Chamber, and Cass/Atlantic Development Corporation (CADCO) officials are working with Retail Coach to study where Atlantic shoppers come from and where Atlantic residents shop outside the city. On Tuesday evening, Retail Coach representative Austin Farmer presented his findings.

Specific companies are not named, according to Kelsey Beschorner, director of programs for the Atlantic Chamber, as this is the Retail Coach recruitment process, however, she said, it is safe to say that companies in categories that are lacking in the Atlantic are approached.

Farmer gave seven categories the company described as “growth opportunities” over the next five years, which include electronics and appliance stores, health and personal care stores, cosmetics stores and beauty supply stores, sporting goods stores, animal and pet supply stores, full service restaurants (with seating available and likely serving alcohol) and high street restaurants. limited service.

“It’s just the top categories where we see the most potential,” Farmer said. “But what that tells me is that when you have so many opportunities and so many categories, you have the opportunity to grow here.”

Farmer also raised the possibility of opening franchises and said companies had said Atlantic would be a good place, but they didn’t have a local person to work with.

“There are actually franchises that would come to market if they had the right franchisee,” Farmer said. “(They said) We would actually like to be in that market, but we don’t have anyone who can manage the franchise or hold the ownership rights to the franchise at this point.”

He said another hurdle is the amount of capital needed to start and operate the franchise. He used Sonic Restaurant as an example, saying the lowest amount can range from $850,000 to $860,000.

In August, the city agreed to spend $32,500 with the company that uses cellphone data to track where Atlantic shoppers are coming from and where Atlantic residents are traveling outside of the community to shop.

The company is currently working with several communities in Iowa, including Fort Dodge and Carroll, where it has reportedly successfully recruited three new businesses. Nationally, the company currently has 120 projects underway under the leadership of 11 employees.

The data allows the company to narrow the field to appropriate businesses that have the best chance of success in the community and they work with existing businesses to help them refine their inventory to supply the type of merchandise currently unavailable.

Officials say they can track where consumers shop while in the Atlantic, how far they travel and where consumers shop outside the Atlantic. This information can help determine which retail and restaurant styles to focus on.

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