Retail Company Increased Sales and Improved Customer Experience Through Market Segmentation Analysis | Read the full success story to find out how

LONDON–(COMMERCIAL THREAD) – Infiniti Research, a leading provider of market intelligence solutions, recently announced the completion of its latest success story on market segmentation analysis. This achievement shows how Infiniti’s market segmentation analysis has helped a luxury brand design a robust segmentation strategy and effectively deliver its product and service offerings to its target customers.

The hyper-competitive and dynamic nature of the retail industry forces retailers to personalize their marketing initiatives and keep pace with changing market trends. Personalization of sales and marketing initiatives becomes easier by grouping customers into different segments based on their needs, preferences, behavior and value. This is where companies realize the real power of leveraging market segmentation analysis.

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The commercial challenge: The customer is a well-known retail brand based in the United States. They wanted to group customers into different segments based on their brand value and identify market segments with the greatest profit potential. In doing so, they wanted to design targeted marketing initiatives for them and generate maximum sales. They approached the experts at Infiniti Research to leverage their expertise by offering market segmentation analysis.

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Infiniti’s market segmentation analysis includes:

  • A customer intelligence study to analyze target customers and understand the evolution of their needs and requirements

  • A marketing strategy commitment to design a solid product promotion plan

  • A competitive intelligence study to analyze the commercial and marketing strategies of competitors

The business impact of the commitment to the retail brand:

  • Tailored product, pricing and marketing strategies

  • Offer personalized products and services to customers

  • Attract new customers and retain valuable ones

  • Realized huge savings in the marketing budget

  • Improved customer experience and increased sales

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Read the full success story for full information: Infiniti’s Market Segmentation Solution Helps Leading Luxury Retail Customer Increase Sales and Response Rates

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