Powersports Partnerships: RumbleOn and JD Power to Deliver a Better Online Retail Experience

With the world being a much different customer than it was before 2020, powersports companies around the world are finding better ways to reach their customer base – and that includes a new move from the country’s biggest seller (and the first omnichannel customer experience) in motorsports. space.

CrunchBase describes RumbleOn as “an online retailer that enables consumers and dealers to buy, sell, trade and finance used motorcycles in an efficient, fast, transparent and engaging experience.”

It’s a fantastic system that gives riders the chance to give their bike greater visibility during the sale/trade-in phase – and now using RumbleOn will include cash offers to return the incentive for sale even tastier, thanks to a collaboration with NADA /JD Power.

A view of the JD Power and RumbleOn logos

“We are delighted to partner with NADA/JD Power and provide the only Powersports CashOffer tool on their website,” said Peter Levy, president of RumbleOn, in a report by Business Wire.

“We look forward to working together to determine which areas of JD Power’s websites will be most effective for lead generation and SEO purposes. We are extremely confident that this alliance will be successful and beneficial.

We can’t wait to see what this partnership will bring to the motorcycling community proper. Stay tuned for updates, drop a comment while you’re here, and as always, stay safe on the bends.

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Anne G. Cash