Port Logistics Group wins nationwide fulfillment contract with Italian fashion retail company, Calzedonia Group

LOS ANGELES, March 11, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Port Logistics Group / Whiplash (PLG / WL), a leading national omnichannel fulfillment service provider, today announced a multi-year logistics contract to provide fulfillment and distribution services nationwide in the US market for Calzedonia Group, an Italian multi-brand retail company. PLG / WL will provide services to the Group’s two largest brands, Calzedonia, specializing in tights and swimwear, and Intimissimi, a lingerie and knitwear company.

A significant commercial presence in Europe, Calzedonia and Intimissimi are still relatively new entrants to the US market, landing on the US side in 2017. With nearly 50 stores across the country, Calzedonia needed a US-based distribution partner with a deep understanding of omnichannel logistics and inventory consolidation to manage its growth in both brick and mortar and e-commerce:

“It was no longer practical for us to continue to fulfill American orders from our distribution centers in Europe. With e-commerce growth far exceeding initial forecasts, we needed to pivot our strategy, ”said Marcello Veronesi, CEO of Calzedonia United States. “Port Logistics Group / Whiplash has extensive experience working with large fashion retailers and has been able to fully integrate with our existing management systems. This unusual level of flexibility and expertise has made PLG / WL the ideal choice to coordinate our fulfillment operation in the United States. “

The Calzedonia United States the warehouse is currently operating from state of the art PLG / WL Newark facility, offering 432,000 square feet of fully automated distribution capability close to their port of entry. This first foothold in their distribution operation in the United States prepares the brand for further expansion into regional markets on both coasts and will serve both their online and offline channels.

“The pandemic has absolutely led to an acceleration in bridging the divide between online and offline retailing as consumers increasingly get used to being able to switch between channels seamlessly.” , said Brian weinstein, Senior Vice President of Business Development at Port Logistics Group / Whiplash. “PLG / WL’s vast experience in omnichannel logistics positions us well to support the ambitions of brands like Calzedonia, which strive to deliver a superior customer experience in a highly competitive market. “

About Calzedonia
First launched in Verona, Italy in 1986, Calzedonia was the first brand within the Calzedonia Group, an Italian fashion retailer with a portfolio of seven brands including Intimissimi (lingerie) Falconeri (knit cashmere) and Tezenis (underwear and clothing). Calzedonia brands are founded on the principles of quality workmanship, timeless Italian style and affordability. With nearly 5,000 stores in total in 54 countries and a booming e-commerce market, the Calzedonia Group brands continue to strengthen their omnichannel presence. For more information visit: www.calzedonia.com/us/.

About Port Logistics Group / Whiplash
Port Logistics Group / Whiplash empowers established and emerging retailers to express their brands through exceptional order fulfillment. The company offers omnichannel logistics services including retail distribution, wholesale distribution and e-commerce fulfillment. With a strategic mix of 6.5 million square feet of warehouse space supported by smart technology and automation, Port Logistics Group / Whiplash provides the essential link between international transportation and the last mile supply chain. For more information on our end-to-end services, visit: www.portlogisticsgroup.com, www.whiplashfulfillment.com.

SOURCE Port Logistics Group

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