Polysleep named Canada’s fastest growing retail company, 42nd overall, on 2020 startup list

Polysleep posted two-year growth of 882% between 2017 and 2019 to clinch 42nd placesd place in the first Report ranking of the Startup List 2020. Growth remains explosive for the Montreal company, with sales on track to exceed $ 8 million in 2020.

“The companies on the 2020 Growth List are truly exceptional. Their stories are a master class on how to survive when the economy turns a curve. Despite the turmoil, the companies on the 2020 Growth List have demonstrated resilience, wit and, most importantly, empathy and strong leadership, “says Susan grimbly, Growth list editor. “As we celebrate over 30 years of from Canada fastest growing business program, it is encouraging to see that the core of from Canada the entrepreneurial community beats strong, even in difficult times. “

“It is an honor for us to accomplish so much in such a short time in the market. Each year has been a constant work of improvement, and this recognition reflects the success of the effort and the teamwork. that inspires us to continue to innovate and grow with solid milestones, “says Jeremiah Curvers, co-founder and CEO of Polysleep.” At Polysleep, we believe every Canadian deserves both a healthy and smooth night’s sleep, and we are proud to be named from Canada Fastest growing retail company responsible for millions of happy sleeps coast to coast. “

Polysleep has researched and understood the difference between what consumers may feel when they visit their website versus a brand with more authority. As a result, they created an innovative digital interaction between their products and the audience. The use of local materials and innovative interventions in its products make it a promising brand in the Canadian market.

About the Growth List. For more than 30 years, the Growth List ranking of from Canada The fastest growing companies (formerly Growth 500) have been from Canada most respected and influential ranking of entrepreneurial success. Originally developed by PROFIT and now published in a special print edition of Canadian Business Growth List (accompanied by the December issue of Maclean’s magazine) and online at GrowthList.ca and CanadianBusiness.com, the Growth List ranks Canadian companies in based on revenue growth over five years. , and the Startup List ranks new growing Canadian businesses based on revenue growth over two years. For more information on ranking, visit GrowthList.ca.

About Canadian Business. Founded in 1928, Canadian Business is the oldest trade publication in the country. It fueled the success of from Canada the business elite and, through the Growth List, celebrates leadership, innovation, business strategy and management tactics. Learn more at CanadianBusiness.com.

About Polysommeil. Founded in 2016, Polysleep is transforming the sleep industry by selling unique, high quality, durable and locally produced mattresses at the best price. Made from 100% Montreal, Quebec, Polysleep mattresses are designed to offer high quality products while contributing to the influence of the local economy and reducing the environmental impact. Polysleep has expanded its assortment to include the Polysleep Pillow, Polysleep Antimicrobial Mattress Topper and Polysleep Baby Mattress. The brand also works in close collaboration with charities through Canada to donate new and lightly used mattresses to families and people in need.

Visit Polysleep at www.polysleep.ca and https://polysleep.ca/pages/press-kit to access the digital press kit and get everything you need to write your story!

SOURCE Polysleep

For more information: Press contact: Maria Bello – Press relations, [email protected], +1 (514) 629 4044

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