Plus size clothing retailer CoEdition wants to be your go-to for size 10 to 26 purchases

In 2018, more and more brands are (finally!) Starting to fill the gap in fashion options for shoppers over the age of 14. In the first two months of the year alone, Loft and Draper James have broadened their offering to be more inclusive. Yet there are still facets of the online shopping experience where fair options for all sizes are lacking. This is something that luxury retailer 11 Honoré aimed to disrupt (on the high end) when it launched last summer; today another player is entering the market, hoping to become a kind of Shopbop or Intermix for plus size clothing.

Co-Editing is a new online retailer that offers a selection of contemporary designers exclusively in sizes 10 to 26. At launch, its offerings include an assortment of clothing, shoes, accessories and swimwear in this mid-range price (i.e. say: an average label at $ 150), with plans to include more than 150 participating brands by the end of the year.


Brooke Cundiff, former executive of a multi-brand luxury retailer Golden founded CoEdition with a group of former colleagues. “I have been a trader my whole career”, she says Charm, and all the time sorting through designer offerings to curate the Gilt line, she found that there wasn’t a similar site for taller buyers.

Making fun, contemporary designers available to more women seemed to Cundiff a chance to improve the online market she knew well: “Putting together a multi-brand experience for [plus-size women] is a way to transform the fashion industry. “

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Anne G. Cash