Online retail up 129% per month as kiwis buy online during lockdown.

New data from SLICE Digital, the New Zealand affiliate marketing network, today showed that Kiwis are shopping online more than ever. Ongoing restrictions on travel and shopping in Auckland and across the country have led more New Zealanders to turn to the internet for their essential purchases and the occasional treat.

SLICE Digital partners with over 150 online retailers in New Zealand and monitors online sales of Countdown, Healthpost, Kathmandu, OnceIt and TheMarket through their online tracking technology. Since the alert levels increased on August 17, traffic and online sales through the SLICE Digital platform have increased significantly. Traffic is up 78% in the second half of August compared to the first half. As a result, online sales for SLICE Digital customers grew 162% over the same period, with hundreds of additional sales each week.

In September, data continues to show increased traffic and sales, even with only Auckland now at level 4. For the comparable period, August 1–16 versus September 1–16, the platform saw traffic increase by 67% and sales increase by 129%.

With Auckland moving to Level 3 today and the rest of the country remaining at Level 2, more items are becoming available for online shopping and contactless delivery. It will be interesting to see if there is a further increase in online speed over the next few days as consumers can purchase more items and afford non-essential items.

When asked to comment on the trends, SLICE Digital CEO Gavin Male said, “It’s no surprise that the Kiwis have increased their level of online shopping, we have seen the same trend during previous lockdowns, but adoption levels keep increasing.The first lockdown In March 2020, a large number of Kiwis made the transition to online shopping for the first time, and while the volume declined to some when we came out of lockdown a big change happened with more people than ever now confident to buy online. “

Commenting further, Male added, “Online retailers with affiliate marketing programs have enjoyed even greater success than those who rely on some of the more established marketing channels, like Facebook and Google. As the demand for online traffic increases and more businesses bid on search terms through Google and for audiences through Facebook, the price of online marketing through these channels increases, making a return on positive investment much more difficult to obtain. With affiliate marketing, advertisers only pay for results. The channel operates on a pure “pay for performance” basis. and there is no cost for the clicks or traffic that reaches an advertiser’s website, unless it converts to actual sales. “

Online shopping will continue to grow and forecasts show that more Kiwis are embracing online shopping than ever before and with Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday in just a few months, the demise of brick retailing and mortar will apparently continue …

Upcoming key retail dates:

Queen’s long birthday weekend from October 23 to 25

Singles Day – November 11

Black Friday / Cyber ​​Monday – November 26-29

Boxing Day – December 26

New Year’s Sale – January 1

About SLICE Digital.

SLICE Digital is a New Zealand affiliate marketing network. Our tracking and reporting platform enables Kiwi and international brands to build commission-based relationships with third-party advertising partners who promote their products or services and generate sales. SLICE Digital focuses on New Zealand advertisers and in doing so we attract New Zealand oriented affiliates. With over 150 advertisers and 3,000 affiliates, we have become the dominant player in the New Zealand market.

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