Oil and retail company OR partners with Traveloka to boost Thailand’s economy

Oil and Retail Business Public Company (OR) has partnered with Traveloka, a travel and lifestyle platform in Southeast Asia, to provide holistic and enhanced lifestyle services to our customers and merchant partners. The partnership was entered into under OR’s subsidiary, PTTOR International Holdings (SGHoldCo). As is customary in similar partnerships, this collaboration has been cemented by an investment by OR in Traveloka for an undisclosed amount, to show both parties’ optimism about future collaborations in the region.

According to Jiraphon Kawswat (pictured center above), President and CEO of OR, the travel sector is an area of ​​focus for OR as tourism is one of the major economic contributors to the economy Thai. The collaborations between OR and Traveloka will provide additional lifestyle solutions to OR customers in line with OR’s strategy to become a one-stop solution for all lifestyles, she added. Meanwhile, for Traveloka, this collaboration is “a positive step in pursuing its mission to fulfill the aspirations of its users and enable its merchant partners to thrive.”

Other benefits of the collaboration mentioned by Kawswat include providing growth opportunities for both OR and Traveloka in domestic and international markets, as well as creating new opportunities for Thai SMEs and Thai individuals in the service sector. journey to grow with OR.

“We see immense value in the collaboration as we see the region growing at a rapid pace, leading to greater opportunities in the industry. We are excited to be working with OR, with their expertise in building great businesses with a customer-centric approach, to capture demand and provide enhanced solutions to our customers, while creating new opportunities for our merchant partners in Thailand and the region,” says Unardi.

“OR foresees many opportunities and possibilities that we can realize through this collaboration. Not only can this partnership provide new opportunities for OR in the travel industry, but it can also provide additional venues for OR’s existing business partners and alliances. OR to grow with OR and provide better deals and experiences for OR customers.Given Traveloka’s position as the leading online platform for travel and lifestyle services in Southeast Asia , as well as its strong technology capabilities, I believe there are a range of areas that OR can explore with Traveloka, to further enhance our technology capabilities,” Kawswat said.

Earlier this year, Traveloka also partnered with the Singapore Tourism Board (STB) on a year-long SingapoReimagine relaunch campaign aimed at attracting Indonesians to Singapore. According to STB, the move marked its first key lifestyle and travel partnership signed in Indonesia, after the city reopened to fully vaccinated visitors without quarantine and testing requirements under the Vaccinated Travel Framework.

The partnership with Traveloka was aimed at attracting the interest of a wider target audience and making it easier to book Singapore’s deals in five markets in the Southeast Asia region, namely Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines and Vietnam, STB added.

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Anne G. Cash