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Swiss retail giant Migros has launched a vegan hard-boiled egg that will be available in select Migros stores across the country. The plant-based picnic egg looks and tastes the same as its conventional counterpart, even with its vegan yolk.

The latest addition to Migros’ V-Love vegetable range, the egg is made in Switzerland by ELSA, a subsidiary of Migros. Made from soy protein, the new egg innovation will be available in Migros stores in Zurich, Basel, Lucerne and Geneva from November 2021, priced at 4.40 Swiss francs for a pack of four.

Migros soft-boiled egguf
© Migros

V-Love hard-boiled egg is one of the first products of its kind in the world to be marketed as the race to develop new alternatives to eggs accelerates. Research has shown that 30% of consumers say they would choose vegan eggs over conventional eggs, but there is a gap in the market when it comes to accessibility and range of options for consumers. In the United States, herbal brand Crafty Counter has also launched ready-to-eat vegan boiled eggs known as Wundereggs, and Singapore’s OsomeFood has developed a similar egg created from mycoproteins from fungi.

Migros has invested heavily in alternative protein innovation and food technology and recently set up a new factory for cellular agriculture products in Zurich to accelerate their development and market penetration. The brand also tested a vegan in-store butcher service and last year launched the world’s first yogurt alternative made from chickpeas.