Kiikii retail: company founded during lockdown set to become India’s most affordable fashion brand

KIIKII Retail, a business founded by four college friends during the lockdown, aims to become India’s largest and most affordable fast fashion brand.

To carry out this mission, it introduces new products every two weeks, so that customers have new choices every time they visit the website. Besides clothing, the website caters to the beauty and accessories market as well, making it a one stop shop for an affordable closet.

And given an overwhelming response in recent months, they are now planning to add ethnic bags, shoes and clothing to their wallets. In addition, they also want to establish their footprint in the United States and United Arab Emirates by the end of 2021.

However, it is not only in its business model that KIIKII Retail is different; it also means opting for a production line that is more respectful of the environment. They use the excess fabric generated by the export houses to create products. They source premium, flawless, industry-generated fabrics and make them the hottest affordable clothing. Using this technique, they try to maximize yields and minimize the tissue waste generated.

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