How e-commerce entrepreneur Aharon Bernal disrupted the online retail space

While the arrival of the covid-19 pandemic has undoubtedly brought economic hardship globally, one distinct sector has thrived amid the adversity: e-commerce. Thanks to consumers stuck at home due to social distancing restrictions or lockdown measures, the international share of the e-commerce industry in retail climbed up to 17% in 2020. Today, as the online retail economy continues to grow rapidly, new innovations and emerging technologies must be carefully utilized to meet growing customer demand. Leading the pack in this new era of e-commerce is the entrepreneur Aharon Bernalwhich is a booming platform Safex.Market began offering unparalleled online retail opportunities for small businesses, allowing them to compete with larger companies without depending on the terms of sites like Amazon.

After spending a lot of time running his own business selling items outside of Amazon, Bernal realized the pitfalls of site conditions that ultimately made listing products on Amazon disadvantageous. Seeking to provide a new chance for small businesses and young entrepreneurs like himself to thrive, Bernal was inspired to found Safex.Market, a blockchain-powered platform for online sellers to facilitate transactions on flexible terms and conditions. benefit sellers as well as buyers. Likewise, sellers are encouraged to take advantage of Safex.Market’s self-contained infrastructure, allowing for the in-depth design and development of their proprietary businesses.

“Amazon is often overly generous, or in turn wasteful, just to please the customer at the expense of the seller,” Bernal said. “Giving buyers the opportunity to support and engage with a small business is more about creating a healthier transaction that facilitates trust and rapport between buyers and sellers as well as independence for sellers.”

By creating a robust e-commerce ecosystem using its own cryptocurrency, SafeX Cash ($SFX), Bernal intends to transform Safex.Market into a marketplace with the largest selection of products available globally, with plans to serve over 100 countries worldwide with fast delivery. With the platform’s focus on expansion in mind, Safex.Market is expected to have over $100 million worth of merchandise available for purchase across its list of international fulfillment centers.

With the goal of transforming the online market into a fair economy through industry innovations and cutting-edge technology, Bernal is paving the way for other amateur entrepreneurs and established businesses to make the most of the e-commerce market. in its wake. .

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