How clothing stores still manage to attract people

Despite the boom in online shopping, it’s still to be crowded in shopping districts. Even after stores had to close due to Covid-19 and people were forced to shop online. Consumers are, in large numbers, back in city centers and shopping streets. But what is the reason? Do people see shopping as a trip? Do they prefer to try on the clothes physically or is it a result of the stores doing everything in their power to bring people in.

The rise of online shops in Africa

The advent of the Internet has changed the whole world, especially the world in which store owners lived. The rise of online shopping has led to fewer consumers in stores, which has forced stores to close. The reason behind this is that many stores thought there would be no need to open their own online store. Looking back, we have learned that online stores are not an enemy, but an opportunity. Nowadays, retailers need to have an online store in addition to the physical store to keep their heads above water.

Draw attention

With competition at an all-time high, it is important for customers to notice your existence and create brand awareness. The oldest trick in the book for attracting attention is to put up flag banners. By doing this, you’re creating exposure for your brand, but you’re also making it easier to drive people to your store.

Do you want to promote a sale or an action? A textile frame is the perfect display for stores and a great way to notify people of promotions.

Only in store..

A smart way to bring customers to the store instead of the online store is to offer products that are only available in-store. We often see brands doing this with, for example, limited edition products. By doing this, you create scarcity, which makes products more valuable. Offering products only in stores is a great way to bring customers to stores instead of the online store. The biggest advantage of this is that once customers are in the store, they often don’t just buy what they came for. Being exposed to many products at the same time, customers start thinking to themselves “maybe I need a new shirt too” for example.

Feel it

But stores don’t always need to do the same to attract people. A large number of people indicate that they prefer to shop in person rather than online. The reason behind this is the ability to directly try on the clothes and see how they hold up.

Anne G. Cash