H&M Becomes First Metaverse Clothing Retailer – Retail Technology Innovation Hub

Customers can browse the store, choose the products they want and buy them in the Ceek City universe.

They will also have the option of subsequently ordering the products in H&M physical stores using the currency Ceek.

adidas originals

Last month, adidas Originals landed in the world of Web3 with what it called “one of the most distributed NFT drops in history.”

Over the weekend, the company raised more than $ 22 million after its NFT coins were minted minutes after they went on sale.

“Our intention has always been to learn from – and build with – the builders and the space communities, including @BoredApeYC, @punkscomic, @gmoneyNFT and @pixelvault_,” adidas Originals tweeted.

“Our collective goal was to achieve the most inclusive distribution and to leave no MAYC behind. “

He added, “To achieve our common goal, we have limited tokens / deal and deal / wallet.”

“To escape the bots, we announced the time as close to going down as possible. To warn against the risks of the evolution of Web3, we have worked with our partners to create educational material, a FAQ and a Discord.

“Even with all the steps we took, it wasn’t perfect. But, for the first time, thousands of new users have experienced the thrills and risks of Web3. We will never stop learning.

We have just started …

adidas Originals has said it has other NFT-related plans for 2022.

“Those who think we’re going to pocket the money and run away, it’s not Web3. Have faith. Those who thought the time zone was not in your favor, our journey here is only just beginning, ”he said.

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