Fashion tops online retail ranking in shopping survey

Fashion products top Thailand’s most popular online shopping items, while many industries are turning to digital channels to drive sales, especially groceries and electrical appliances, according to a recent survey. from market research firm Nielsen.

In a related survey, e-commerce giant Lazada reported that female shoppers are the biggest bargain hunters online.

According to the quarterly consumer survey “Nielsen Consumer Media View”, purchases of fashion products, such as clothing, shoes and accessories, recorded a growth of 206% compared to 2019, the year before the start of the pandemic.

The survey measured the opinions of over 9,000 people in Thailand.

The bottom fashion products were groceries, cosmetics and electrical appliances.

The survey found that health products, such as supplements and vitamins, were the fastest growing product category that customers buy online, a jump of 798% from 2019.

The pandemic has been attributed to growth as consumers have become more health-conscious and adopted health-promoting behaviors, according to the survey.

According to Nielsen, as more people work from home, food delivery services have exploded, with related apps seeing 647% growth from 2020.

Convenience and speed are other reasons Thais are turning to online food ordering services.

According to data from Nielsen Ad Intel, an ad spend monitoring service, digital advertising has become a major trend in Thailand.

Digital ad spend grew 11% from 2020, with many industries shifting to digital channels, especially groceries and electrical goods.

Digital advertising is a trusted channel for internet users, with 41% considering buying a product after seeing it advertised online, and 38% considering buying a product after seeing an advertisement online. according to Nielsen. This reinforces that digital channels are accepted by Thai buyers, the company said.

As brands struggle to reach the right consumers due to tightening privacy standards, Nielsen Digital Ad Ratings allows brands to see whether ad targeting is relevant to audiences and a good return on ad spend, the company said. society.

Meanwhile, a recent regional consumer survey conducted by Lazada and Milieu Insight found that female shoppers are the biggest bargain hunters.

Over 90% of Thai women surveyed aged 16-24 said they are spending more online during the pandemic.

Some 52% of Thai shoppers surveyed said they wanted to wait for a discount. Although this group would add to their shopping cart online, they would not checkout until they got a discount offer, according to the survey.

Lazada Thailand’s 10th anniversary campaign – a 10-day sale that ended on April 5 – saw 65% of female customers buy products in the first two hours, when the deepest discounts were offered, said Lazada.

Anne G. Cash