“Encouraging Response for Saudi Sukkari Dates in Online Retail”

The versatile date is enjoying increasing popularity in German-speaking countries. For a long time, dates were known in Europe, especially dried dates, at Christmas time. New in domestic supermarkets is the fresh and unprocessed Dalia succary date, which is like a fresh fruit and a healthy snack.

Austrian fruit wholesaler Mathy Ltd has also recognized the commercial potential of dried fruit for itself. The exclusive Dalia Sukkari dates from Dutch partner Yogi & Yousef have recently been distributed both in the stationery trade in selected Spar stores as well as at Biohof Achleitner and die Hflieferanten, and via the digital sales channels Gurkerl.at and Knuspr.de , explains Thomas Mathy-Winter, Key Account Manager at the traditional Linz-based company.

Thomas Mathy-Winter has devoted several months to the distribution of Saudi dates.

A smooth cold chain in online retail
The particularly sweet dates convince with their special quality and caramel taste. Unlike comparable products, this date is free of pesticides, sulfurization and added sugar, i.e. 100% natural. Although visually there is not much difference, these dates are fresh, unprocessed and undried. Therefore, dates should also be stored in a cool place. “Proper storage and placement benefits the shelf life and therefore the quality of the fruit as a result,” says Mathy-Winter.

After the first successful test in September last year, the exquisite dates from Saudi Arabia are now permanently listed in selected Spar stores across Austria, says Mathy-Winter. “Dates are mainly sold in boxes of 14 pieces, which corresponds to a weight of around 200 g. In online retail, 750 gram units and chocolate covered dates are also offered as a supplement. The overall response so far has been quite encouraging. The next step, he said, will be to market the popular dried fruit through Hungarian online supermarket Kifli.

In addition to physical stores, high-quality dates will be sold through online retailers.

Increase in sales at Christmas and Ramadan
The date is particularly popular as an all-round product – for example, as a superfood and sports nutrition. Mathy-Winter: “In addition, our exclusive Dalia Sukkari variety sets us apart from the classic Medjoul and Deglet Nour. Our dates are not only smaller than the usual fruits on the market, but also incomparable in taste, because the caramel flavor of Dalia Sukkari resembles a Caffè Latte.”

The product comes year-round from Saudi Arabia, where dates are usually harvested from September. “Due to rising transport costs and longer delivery times, the supply situation remains difficult, but fortunately we have been spared major bottlenecks so far. sales, the typical seasonal peaks are concentrated around Christmas and Ramadan, otherwise we see consistently high demand, so I could very well imagine future additions to the range of nuts and dried fruits,” concludes Mathy-Winter.

Images: Mathy Ltd.

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