Columbus-based retail company CHVD JUSTIN to launch WEARPACK redesign

Chad J. Porter, a fourth year in Economics, is the Founder and CEO of CHVD JUSTIN and opens the redesigned WEARPACK for pre-order on April 30. Credit: Courtesy of Chad J. Porter

CHVD JUSTIN, a black-owned bags and clothing retail company in Columbus and Cleveland, is set to launch the new and improved WEARPACK this week.

The WEARPACK, a combination of a removable front chest tote bag, shoulder bag and backpack, was originally designed by Chad J. Porter, fourth year in economy and founder and CEO of CHVD JUSTIN, in February 2019. After being put on hold for several months due to the pandemic, the newly redesigned backpack will launch on April 30.

“The product is aimed at students, so you know, what students or young professionals would need more than a perfect bag for their lifestyle,” Porter said.

Porter first came up with the idea for WEARPACK in an Ohio State economics class in his second year. He said he started noticing freshmen arriving with iPads instead of books in a big bulky backpack like he had been.

“I realized that school has changed – we don’t need those big books anymore, so why hasn’t the way we carry things changed as a student? Porter said. “I realized we needed a lighter, more adjustable, and more comfortable way to carry our things.”

Porter said he sold 200 units of the original WEARPACK to other students and gathered feedback from every buyer of the original design on how to improve the product. He said the redesigned bag now comes with a portable charger, water bottle holder, exterior pockets, better zippers and more padding as requested by customers.

“We hosted an OSU campus event last year at Hale Hall,” Porter said. “They had another business event at Hale Hall where we were able to sell our products directly to students – not just Ohio State, but Kent State, Akron, Miami and Wooster.”

Harlan C. Jones, fourth year entrepreneurship at Wooster College and COO of CHVD JUSTIN, said he had been helping Porter with the brand from the start, but only became COO when he was summer 2019.

“Finally, Chad came to me and asked me if this was something I would be interested in,” Jones said. “I said yes because I was one of the peers reviewing the product and realizing how much there was a need.”

Jones said the feedback from the other students was incredibly encouraging and exciting, and he hopes the company will continue to move forward by listening to its customers, responding to needs and continuing to grow the market.

“On this new bag we’ve added a lot of adjustable features,” Porter said. “We specifically designed it to be a unisex product, and we will continue to adapt and improve it so that WEARPACK can become a household name.”

Porter stated that CHVD JUSTIN had completely rebranded for the launch of the new WEARPACK, including the rebranding, rebranding of the WEARPACK name and improving the presentation with official WEARPACK boxes to give it a ‘new feel’. age “.

CHVD JUSTIN has also experienced turbulence due to COVID-19, as the planned release last summer of the new WEARPACK was put on hold, Jones said.

“Instead, we had to make the transition and we started making things like face masks, t-shirts, and other products that could help us stay relevant so that we could redeem the time we had. planes lost to COVID to post this content and make these improvements to the new WEARPACK that you see today, ”Jones said.

Jones said he hopes that over the next few years the company disrupts the current backpack market and people start to hear the word “WEARPACK” replacing “book bag” and “backpack.” in conversation.

“We took the time to improve the brand, to think things through and to make things better,” Porter said. “Not only will there be WEARPACKs this coming year, but there will also be sports bags, tracksuits and a whole plethora of other products.”

The new WEARPACK will be available for pre-order on CHVD JUSTIN website Friday April 30.

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