Canadian retail company Coleman Group falls victim to cyberattack

A company that owns some of the largest retail businesses in Canada has reported experiencing a cyberattack that may have exposed sensitive information about its employees.

The Coleman group of companies said it believed the attack exposed some of its human resources and payroll files. These files contain the names, addresses, social insurance numbers and banking information of current and former employees.

In a statement to Radio-Canada NewsColeman vice president of marketing Greg Gill said the company’s IT team first discovered the attack as it occurred the weekend of February 20. The team managed to quickly stop the attack after it was detected.

As a precaution, Coleman sent a notice to all current and former employees advising them of the cyberattack.

“There is evidence to suggest that there has been activity or access to certain files on a server, it is not always easy to determine exactly what may have been viewed or copied,” explained Gill.

“We as a company thought it best to reach out to all of our employees, current and former, to do what we thought was the right thing to protect them. ”

Coleman then hired a cybersecurity consultant to help him investigate the attack. The company also arranged credit monitoring services for all past and present employees through Equifax Canada for the next 12 months – at no additional cost to staff. Credit monitoring services also come with identity theft insurance.

Gill said Radio-Canada News that although the IT team initially shut down internal internet and email services to stop cyberattacks, this move did not impact business as Coleman continued to operate its clothing, furniture and grocery store.

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