Brothers Embrace Style and Customer Service as They Build Mature Clothing Retailer

Historically, Detroit has had its own sense of style in fashion. And like the Motor City over the years, it has evolved and continues to make its own statement, locally and nationally.

Entrepreneurs have noticed and continue to tap into the fashion industry as part of the city’s resurgence and reemerging status as a ‘cool and hip’ city.

Meet the Humes brothers and their clothing line Mature, a Detroit-based menswear retailer that offers an exclusive collection of contemporary casual wear, modern clothing and unisex accessories.

Launched earlier this year by Darryl Humes Jr. and DeKoven Humes, its initial business strategy focuses primarily on online while participating in pop-up shops in the Detroit subway, including downtown Detroit markets. Longer term, the Humes are looking to expand into retail outlets in the Detroit subway.

I recently caught up with Darryl Humes for his take on starting an online clothing retail business, leveraging pop-ups to support the growth and perception of Detroit within the Detroit scene. fashion nationwide.

Lee: Why did you and your brother decide to become entrepreneurs?

Humes: As brothers growing up we have always been entrepreneurial, very ambitious and demonstrated a hard work ethic. We wanted to use our passion for style, our love of mentoring and encouraging others, and build a business to create our own legacy. That being said, we knew that the leap of faith required another level of courage and a strong belief in ourselves.

We have been truly blessed on this trip and the feedback and support so far has positively reinforced our decision. We see entrepreneurship as a commitment and we will not let the city of Detroit down.

Lee: Your family used to sell clothes in Detroit. Please tell us about it.

Humes: Our grandmother owned a women’s store called Patricia’s Fashions. His store was located on the Grand River and Greenfield in Detroit. She had been in business for about 10 years. My dad worked in retail for about eight years. Employed in several different stores around the city of Detroit … he gained a wealth of knowledge.

Our father and grandmother shared their knowledge with us, but most of all, they were examples of true servants. … It has always been evident that a genuine relationship with people brings real personal satisfaction. So our passion, you can say it’s genetic and it’s a family heirloom that we want to continue.

Lee: Why the name Mature and what are the core values ​​of the company?

Humes: The definition of Mature is an advanced stage characteristic of mental or emotional development. We believed that Mature represents what we strive to stand up for. Mature is an inspired store where your wardrobe can elevate as our customers move through life.

Our core values ​​are focused on positivity, style and attractiveness. We’re not your typical clothing store; we inspire style. Maturity is not a trend, it is a lifestyle.

Lee: You launched your business on July 4th of this year. What has been your main strategy for launching and growing your business?

Humes: We have focused on quality in all aspects of our business. We firmly believe that if you think like a startup, you will be just a startup. If you think like a well-known store, you will become a well-known store. We wanted to take our time to fine-tune some of our business practices to provide exceptional service and to appear experienced.

Our goal when we launched was to provide an extensive collection of products without sacrificing quality. We focused on building relationships with quality / well-known brands and learning how to buy trendy products. Learning to buy inventory for customers rather than buying for ourselves has been an adjustment. Being able to foresee and anticipate the needs and wants of your customers is the key to success in any business.

Lee: You’ve had pop-ups across town. How did it help you?

Humes: We think pop-up stores have helped our business immensely. We have been located in Twelve Oaks Mall, Beacon Park, Briarwood Mall, Detroit All Things Oriental Market, and now downtown Detroit Markets.

Pop-up stores have helped us increase brand awareness. Since we are an online clothing retailer, pop-up stores allow us to interact with our customers and let them become familiar with our products and services. Pop-up stores also allow you to test a retail concept before taking longer-term risks, such as getting a permanent location.

Lee: How would you rate the clothes you sell online and what makes them unique?

Humes: Our collection of products makes the consumer feel comfortable and fashionable from noon to midnight. Whether that person is spending time with their family during the day or enjoying the nightlife, you can do it in style with Mature. We are proud to offer a unique collection of products from different brands to create an exclusive mature look. We believe our styles and products are versatile and should last a long time in our customers’ wardrobes. We don’t just sell products, but we love to educate and actively participate in the development of the entire outfit.

Lee: Where do you see maturity in five years and what advice would you give to those starting a business?

Humes: In five years, we’ll see Mature in a permanent location in Midtown or downtown Detroit. We would like to have a second location by then potentially in the suburbs. Over the next five years, Mature will launch its own brand of clothing and models.

Tips we would like to give to those starting a business: 1) Start with a blueprint and join small business networks to learn retail operations, 2) Go out and network, 3) Surround yourself with the right people, 4) Stay ahead of the curve and be ready to adjust your plan and 5) Find a healthy work-life balance.

Lee: Finally, in terms of fashion, how does Detroit compare to other cities?

Humes: Detroit has always been known for its prominent fashion styles. There are a lot of individuals in the Detroit area, they continue to make our city look great, but overall we lack enough outlets to meet the needs of individual fashion. We are excited about the resurgence of retail in Detroit.

Detroit has a few clothing / lifestyle brands that are becoming household names nationwide. We hope that Mature can become a retail landmark in Detroit, where local residents and tourists alike can look forward to a great shopping experience.

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