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While I have always lived for the pleasure of finding a good deal in all its forms – whether it’s scoring at the dollar store or waiting for the end of the year sales to finally grab the seated dress in my virtual cart for the month – there’s really nothing I love more than second-hand shopping – whether it’s at the local charity shop, a real estate sale, an antique fair or a flea market . For as long as I can remember, saving has been my hobby, and although some of my fellow bargain hunters tend to be put off by the semi-disorganized setting of second-hand clothing stores or by having to dig through racks and batteries to find their size (of course I also like high end vintage stores), I really appreciate the adrenaline rush I feel on such a hunt treasure.

In case you need some more proof of my obsession: I even turned my favorite hobby into a profitable side business in college by ‘flipping’ stellar second hand scores on eBay and Poshmark to earn extra money. While I no longer need to sell online to pay rent and shop for groceries, the thrill of a good find hasn’t escaped me – and I doubt it does. Unfortunately, with the social distancing protocol still being observed where I live (Los Angeles, in case you’re curious), embarking on my weekly Sunday savings ritual was a bit trickier, which prompted me looking for other ways to get my fix, and looking for thrift store options online. That’s right: e-thrifting won’t always give the cheapest prices on home decor, practical housewares and, of course, clothing, but you will, at least, get a more streamlined shipping experience and more rigorous item selection than you would find when purchasing IRL second-hand items.

Plus, let’s face it – unlike me, I realize that not everyone has the time or patience to deal with the haphazard nature of thrift store purchases or the allergy-free physiology required to deal with them. dusty interiors of used brick. and mortars. Whether you’re looking to get some authentic vintage Levi’s jeans that lift your butt like a dream or want to add a retro touch to your apartment with a vintage decor piece, scroll below to check out my favorite second-hand shopping sites . Because, well, buying second-hand stuff not only saves you money, it’s good for our planet as well.

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Courtesy of eBay


So eBay might not technically be an online thrift store, but it deserves to be on the list because not only can you find just about anything on the platform, but so is the site. OG online auction to buy and sell used goods on the Internet. . Plus, for me, it always ranks at the top for those times when I’m looking to score rare collectibles or cheap second-hand goods (I love buying vintage Gunne Sax Prairie dresses on eBay), despite the recent wave of similar e-commerce platforms. While there are tons of items available at auction, many sellers are now switching to the ‘Buy It Now’ model with a fixed price, which guarantees your purchase without having to bid on it (although typically ‘Buy It Now’ sales “it now” will cost you a little more money up front).

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Courtesy of ThredUP.


Billed as the world’s largest online thrift store, ThredUP offers a huge selection of used clothing, shoes and accessories from top brands including Madewell, Lululemon Athletica, Anthropologie, Free People, Coach, J.Crew and thousands of brands. others. The prices are again a lot cheaper than what you would find in a thrift store – and even a buy-sell store like Buffalo Exchange, Crossroads Trading Co., or Plato’s Closet, but they offer plenty of coupons, seasonal sales. and have a sturdy release section. Also, by the way, if you are selling your clothing at ThredUP, you can actually select a credit for Reformation Clothes instead of buying their selection or accepting cash.

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Courtesy of One King’s Lane.

A vintage from King’s Lane

If you’re looking for an upscale online antique store with a carefully selected assortment of rare decor pieces and furniture from the 1900s and beyond, A King’s Way is your one stop shop. Their vintage collection includes a variety of unique works of art, rare books, unique lamps and numerous luxury art deco mirrors, each sourced and hand-selected by curators and appraisers. You certainly won’t find thrift store prices here, but you will definitely find some value. In short, it’s a great destination for an investment purchase, but not ideal for bargain hunters.

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Courtesy of ASOS Marketplace.

ASOS Market

ASOS not only sells a huge range of new clothing, accessories, and even beauty products, but it also has a Marketplace website that features used and vintage clothing and accessories sold by independent sellers. Of course, you will only find clothes, accessories and jewelry on Marketplace (no furniture, decor or retro electronics here), and most of the listings are 80s and 90s styles. ASOS Market, you need to apply to be able to sell goods and therefore are subject to more regulations, so you don’t have to worry about flaky sellers.

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Courtesy of Goodwill Socal.

Goodwill Shop (online)

Goodwill is a basic thrift store chain with hundreds of physical stores across the country, but did you know that you can also shop at Goodwill stores through their online store? This gives you access to solid scores available in stores across the country – no travel required. The prices are a bit higher (which is fair, TBH), and the platform works similar to eBay in that most items are auctioned off. I have purchased a few super rare vintage cameras and two vintage coach bags from the site over the years.

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Courtesy of Swap.

To exchange

Swap is probably the closest thing to an online version of a conventional thrift store that you’ll find without leaving the couch, offering a wide assortment of low prices on knick-knacks, clothing, and collectibles – basically all the stuff. random that you’d actually trip over a brick and mortar. In addition to men’s and women’s items, games, sporting goods and a variety of miscellaneous household items. Don’t expect to find designer brands here, you won’t. But you will find plenty of offers on well-known brands like H&M, Forever21 and Gap. Swap also saves you money on shipping – you can buy multiple items from different sellers and combine shipping for most orders, and they offer a money back guarantee and a return process.

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Courtesy of 2nd Street.

2nd Street United States

2nd Street USA is an upscale second-hand clothing chain that recently added an online website, allowing thrifty fashion buffs to shop online at their well-stocked stores. This second-hand store offers an impressive online collection of clothing and accessories expertly curated by global fashion houses and trendy streetwear designers like Gucci, Kate Spade, Louis Vuitton and many more, all without the price tag. raised. The online store is full of lightly used designer pieces, all heavily branded.

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