Arizona alumni team up to run online wine business

TUCSON, Ariz. (KGUN) – It started in the dorms at the University of Arizona.

“We bonded through our love for food, cooking and entertaining. It started with a desire for this as we didn’t have a kitchen or a house in the dorms,” said the co-founder of Argaux, Arden Montgomery.

Arden Montgomery and Margaux Reaume were an inseparable pair during their four years at the University of Arizona. They said they always envisioned big plans for a business they hoped to someday launch.

“We really enjoyed walking around Tucson and finding new places that opened up while we were there. We took what we loved about those places. We wondered why we love it and how we can put it into it. is working part of the business in something that we could manufacture later, ”said Argaux co-founder Margaux Reaume.

In 2015, just a year after graduation, Montgomery and Réaume launched Argaux. The company offers a unique selection of wines online.

“We are focusing on small production family wines from around the world that are grown in a sustainable manner. This is very important to us,” Reaume said.

Since last March, Argaux’s Blinding Tasting Kit has been their # 1 bestseller. Customers don’t even have to leave their homes. Argaux provides sommeliers who can accompany customers throughout a tasting by video chat.

“This year has been a perfect example of how things can get started for you. You have to be nimble and pivot as a business to create things for the current world environment,” Reaume said.

To this day, Montgomery and Reaume still draw inspiration from everything they saw, ate, and drank in Tucson.

“You’re surrounded by creative people. It’s a really unique city. It was a good experience for us,” said Montgomery.

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