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Who says Taobao’s shopping paradise is all about humans? Whether it’s for the biggest dog or the tiniest mouse, Taobao has you covered when it comes to pet clothing.

While there are online pet stores, both local and international, stocked with pet clothing, the selections are often limited or expensive. It is usually also reserved for dogs and cats. However, at Taobao, whatever you’re looking for – bow ties, socks, fluffy, Disney-inspired tutu, or just quirky clothes – there’s something for every pet!

Aside from a wide array of choices and wallet-friendly prices, Taobao’s image search feature allows you to search for pet clothing you’ve come across that may not be available in Singapore. Even if they don’t have that exact product, you will still be able to get similar options that you might end up liking even more!

Dogs and Cats: Taobao’s Best Pet Clothing

1. Tang Wan store

This store will have you ooh-ing and ahh-ing on their adorable Disney collections! From Tsum Tsum-style poop bags to Lotso bibs and Disney character shirts, Tang Wan Store is a one-way ticket to happiness!

What caught our attention: Bibs Monsters, Inc.

Price: from 55 yuan (S $ 11.35)

2. Hua Jie Shi pin store


Fact: Hua Jie Shi Pin Store hooded jumpsuits are absolutely adorable. While they provide cute panda and Totoro suits for small animals, they haven’t left out the bigger ones! Help your baby channel their inner bane (or Hannibal Lecter) with cool leather muzzles. Take this, Batman.

What caught our attention: Totoro Cat Jumpsuit

Price: from 53 yuan

3. B1GGERFISH magazine


Cat parents, be careful! Don’t miss the B1GGERFISH Store, your one stop shop for all things felines. From bun headbands to giraffe onesies, you’ll spend hours browsing their product list for adorable outfits – don’t say we didn’t warn you.

What caught our attention: Egg bib (to go with the bread band)

Price: from 18.90 yuan

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4. Liang Yue Pet Shop


From casual clothes to super cute clothes, your pet is now ready for any occasion with Liang Yue Pet Store’s diverse selection of pet clothing. PS they even have tulle skirts that would impress the most pampered doggie!

What caught our attention: frog jumpsuit

Price: from 10.80 yuan

Hamsters and Mice: Taobao’s Best Pet Clothes

5. Yi Nuo Pet Shop


They might be one of the smallest members of your household, but that doesn’t mean they don’t deserve to look good! At Yi Nuo Pet Store, the possibilities are endless! From miniature houses and stylish pouches to carry them, to little hats and Pokeballs, you’ll be spoiled for choice here.

What caught our attention: Knitted of wool Hats

Price: from 14.80 yuan

6. Shop for fun life


While this store’s target audience is not limited to pet parents, we couldn’t help but add them to the list for their hamster coats. These cute and comfy blankets are perfect for your hamsters to snuggle up to, especially if they’re housed in air-conditioned rooms or just need a sweater on a rainy day.

What caught our attention: Hamster coat

Price: from 30.90 yuan

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7. Han Han Meng pet house


They might not have a lot of products, but each one comes in different designs and colors. For example, they have 17 different types of harnesses that will now allow you to take your mouse or hamster for a walk! Never worry about going out of style (or losing your hamster) again!

What caught our attention: Mouse harness

Price: from 26 yuan

Birds: Taobao’s Best Pet Clothing

8. Pet Shop Trois Calopsittes


No, we haven’t forgotten your winged companion. Let them strut around in style or take them up a notch with three-piece suits, ornate kimonos and even bumblebee costumes! With the contents of this store, you can now create your own track for your birds!

What caught our attention: Cockatiel santa claus costume

Price: from 45 yuan

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