7 vintage clothing stores in Seattle that currently sell trendy outfits

Forget fast fashion and enter the world of thrift stores and vintage.

It’s amazing how quickly trends are coming back, and the best way to jump on those trends is to go straight to the source: the era they came from.

Here are seven of our favorite vintage stores in Seattle:

Lucky Vintage

You’ll feel lucky when you find your next favorite pair of jeans at Lucky Vintage. The Vintage Haven is purchasable both in-store and in lineso you have the option of browsing from your room or going in and trying things out.

Site: 4742 University Way NE, Seattle
Telephone: 206-523-6621

Bon Voyage Vintage

Bon Voyage offers vintage, unique and handmade items from local designers. The store has an online option and keeps its doors open for those who prefer to look in store. Owners Meg and Keith have been buying and selling vintage for over 20 years and know exactly what they’re doing.

Site: 110 S Washington Street, Seattle
Telephone: 206-226-5069

Nice living room

Pretty Parlor is a curated new and vintage boutique that offers beautiful styles from the 1920s to the 1990s. You will feel like you are stepping into a pink paradise every time you walk into the store. The store also offers online shopping.

Site: 119 Summit Avenue E, Seattle
Telephone: 206-405-MIGNON (2883)

Vintage Red Light

Because Red Light Vintage adds new items to its shelves every day, it is considered Seattle’s largest vintage clothing store. The store offers clothing from all eras of the past 100 years.

Site: 4560 University Way NE, Seattle
Telephone: 206-545-4044

Lifetime savings

With deep roots in Seattle, Lifelong Thrift strives to engage the community and financially support the cause of Lifelong to provide food, shelter and health care to people with HIV / AIDS and other illnesses. chronic. Every savings purchase will help the local community.

Site: 312 Broadway East, Seattle
Telephone: 206-329-5792

Fremont Vintage Shopping Center

Fremont Vintage Mall has a huge collection of vintage furniture, collectibles, antiques, records, art, clothing, and more. You could literally spend all day sifting through their incredible inventory.

Site: 3419 Fremont Place N, Seattle
Telephone: 206-329-4460

Lucky goods

Lucky Vintage’s sister store, Lucky Dry Goods offers classic vintage styles that feel truly American.

Site: 5424 Ballard Avenue NW, Seattle
Telephone: 206-789-8191

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