5 Things to Know About Amazon’s New “Style” Clothing Stores

Amazon announced plans for its first-ever physical fashion store – dubbed Amazon Style — which will present clothes, shoes and accessories for women and men. The first Amazon Style store is set to open later this year at The Americana at Brand mall in Los Angeles.

“We were obsessed with designing a shopping experience focused on helping customers find great looks, and that led us to create Amazon Style,” said a company blog post announcing the new format. of shop. “We’re excited to provide a shopping experience that inspires discovery and combines the best of shopping on Amazon.com with the convenience of touching and trying on items to ensure the perfect fit.”

here is five Things to know about Amazon’s latest step into brick and mortar:

1. Amazon already did…but not for clothes.

The king of e-commerce is no stranger to brick and mortar, far from it. Amazon Style will actually be the style of the company seventh physical retail format, which began with Amazon Books in 2015. Since then, the company has also introduced:

  • Amazon 4 stars featuring top-rated products based on Amazon.com reviews;
  • Grocery concept Amazon fees;
  • Cashierless convenience store concept Amazon Go;
  • The temporary shopping center Amazon Pop Up Placements, which also showcase the best Amazon.com products; and
  • Sure, whole foods, which Amazon bought in 2017 and has since used as a large-scale testing ground for its technology and omnichannel offerings.

In mid-2021, rumors also surfaced of large-footprint department store plans, although Amazon hasn’t officially announced anything to that effect. Amazon Style could be a first foray into the department store realm where the company could expand into other untouched brick-and-mortar categories, such as housewares.

2. As you might expect, technology will take center stage at Amazon Style.

The Amazon app will play a central role in the shopping experience at Amazon Style stores, with customers using the app to scan QR codes on display products, allowing them to:

  • View sizes, colors, customer reviews, and additional product details;
  • Automatically send items to a fitting room, where they’ll wait for the customer when they’re ready to try them on; and
  • Send items directly to a pickup counter if a customer doesn’t need to try it on.

The store is built around personalization, so as customers buy and scan items, machine learning algorithms will offer real-time personalized recommendations of other products the shopper might be interested in – an IRL iteration of the online recommendation engine. Customers can also choose to share additional information such as their style, fit and other preferences in order to receive more accurate recommendations, and they will receive notifications of store promotions tailored to their preferences.

Amazon Style Dressing Room Touch Screen

Upon entering the fitting room, customers will find not only the styles they have already selected, but also a touch screen from which they can browse more options, rate items and request additional sizes or styles. which will be delivered directly to the room.

“It used to be that personal style was expensive and felt exclusive, but with Amazon Style’s sophisticated technology, unique store design, and thoughtful curation, we’ve made it easier than ever for customers to discover items they’re in. feel good and feel good,” reads the company’s announcement.

Other technology integrations that will enable a “smooth and elevated shopping experience” include new inventory management systems, a new technology to support Customer service and the Amazon One palm recognition payment system for prompt payment.

3. There will also be humans working in the store.

With everything seeming to be handled by the customer through the app, one wonders what exactly store associates will be doing, and even if there will even be humans on site. There will be – someone has to market the store and bring all these app orders to the dressing rooms. Amazon said associates will also play a key role in providing customer service, managing back-end operations and assisting customers. (We believe that, especially in the beginning, associates will also spend many time helping customers use the app as well.)

4. The goal is an all IRL clothing store.

Amazon style store floor

Amazon claims its Style stores will offer more double the selection of a traditional fashion store of the same size, but without requiring customers to sift through the shelves to find the color or size they need. The show floor will be focused on “looks”, with most of the product stocked in the back room and brought directly to the fitting rooms when ordered through the app. To achieve this, Amazon will use the same technology and processes used in its fulfillment centers.

If it works, Amazon Style will bring Amazon.com to life, with the huge and ever-changing product selection that has earned its e-commerce site the title “The Everything Store” as well as the fast, convenient service that has made retailer a hero. with consumers. And like Amazon’s other brick-and-mortar stores (including Books and 4-Star), information from Amazon.com will be used to market Style stores with top-performing products and shoppers’ favorites.

Customers will also have the option to shop the even wider assortment on Amazon.com and request delivery to an Amazon Style store where they can try on the item (and return it to the store if it doesn’t fit). And Amazon promises that prices in its Amazon Style stores will match those on Amazon.com.

5. You can bet Amazon brands will be in the spotlight.

It’s safe to assume that Amazon will use this new platform to continue bolstering its growing lineup of private label offerings. Amazon currently has over 100 private label, and that’s not even including its Amazon Exclusives offers. While not all of them are fashion brands, many are, and just like on the website, these brands will most likely rank highest in Style stores.

Take a peek inside the new Amazon Style store here.

Anne G. Cash