16 of the Best Plus Size Clothing Stores of 2022

At one time, not too long ago, clothing stores across the country had a very limited range of sizes in their arsenal of items. If your natural figure fell outside the rigid size ranges of many stores, you were left with two choices: either force yourself into an ill-fitting but style-conscious dress, or opt for the comfort of a size-focused brand. more and give up. fashion trends.

Fortunately, the fashion and retail industry is starting to grow and combining fit and fashion, because yes, it is possible!

These must-have looks once reserved for a small fraction of women are now increasingly available in all sizes. Everyone from top designers to everyday stores are riding the wave of the plus size revolution because, frankly, it’s long overdue. Even the queen of body positivity herself, Lizzo, has launched a line of plus-size shapewear, Yitty. Style should be a celebration of your unique personality and figure, and that’s what the brands we’ve selected here strive to do.

From the lavishly printed designs of Tamara Malas to the professional and chic cardi dresses of Hours, you’re sure to find something trendy, stylish and unique. Read on for a collection of some of our favorite inclusive designers and brands, and standout pieces from each. Say goodbye to function or mode choices, and hello to a confident you.

Anne G. Cash