11 best vintage clothing stores online, antique shops

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The best thrift stores online: vintage clothing and antiques (Image via House of Vintage Toronto and

Vintage, antique and thrift stores are a scavenger hunt where people can get lost for hours rummaging through the shelves for unique items they didn’t know they needed.

When pandemic restrictions halted in-person shopping, many people turned to online shopping, including vintage and antique enthusiasts. While you might not think that the thrill of vintage shopping can be replicated online, it is still possible for bargain shoppers to play a game of “Spy” and browse for used items. unique. Whether they have their own website or Etsy store, shoppers around the world can browse retro products, from established vintage stores to burgeoning retailers.

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There is even a new generation of vintage businesses selling exclusively through Instagram feeds and stories. Instead of sorting through piles of articles, just scroll through the feeds or follow hashtags like #BuyVintage. Sellers also provide inspiration for curation, making it easier to imagine how you would style or display the item in your home.

Here are some international retailers selling fashion, furniture, home decor, books, and more with pieces guaranteed not to belong to another friend – but could belong to their parents or grandparents.

The Antique Kitchen: Vintage trays and kitchen accessories (Image via The Antique Kitchen)

The antique kitchen (Image via the antique kitchen)

Fill your kitchen with the essentials, but add an old-fashioned touch. The Antique Kitchen offers well-designed, hand-carved, wood and woven items to give kitchens a bit of character. Whether it’s egg racks, late Victorian ladles, limestone tableware and more, if that doesn’t fit in a modern home, it will be a perfect fit for a cottage.


Boho Brass TO: Brass action figures and collectibles for your home (Image via Boho Brass TO)

Boho Brass TO (Image via Boho Brass TO)

Boho Brass TO sells wild vintage brass that is sure to make a statement. Most of the pieces are in animal form turning any space into a jungle with hooks, candlesticks, ashtrays and carvings in the shape of elephants, snakes, butterflies, giraffes and more.


The Dahl House: Vintage and Used Items for Your Kitchen (Image via The Dahl House)

Dahl House (Image via Dahl House)

Scrolling through this pink fantasy is like being in a bubble gum pop music video. The Dahl House is an original brand intended to dress homes with a touch of color and youthful fantasy. Each second-hand piece is representative of a dollhouse or an item used to pretend to be a child, which means buyers will feel like children again.


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Dear Macy Vintage: vintage art and vintage photographs (Image via Dear Macy Vintage)

Dear Macy Vintage (Image via Dear Macy Vintage)

While displaying another person’s photographs may be odd, Dear Macy Vintage considers these black and white images to be historical works of art. With over 13,000 photos in its collection, this online store takes inspiration from another era and reminds people how personal history can be preserved. While we may never know the exact story behind each photograph, we can certainly use our imaginations to create one.


House of Vintage Toronto (Image via House of Vintage TO)

House of Vintage Toronto (Image via House of Vintage TO)

Refresh your fall wardrobe with unique vintage pieces. A Toronto staple, House of Vintage features unique and designer pieces, pop culture clothing with 90s nostalgia, retro Levi’s denim, western boots and more. Whether you go for a full retro outfit or just want to add a blast from the past to a modern outfit, shoppers are sure to be ready for the theme party of the decade they’re invited to.


I Luv Lucite: Thrift store and vintage furniture online (Image via I Luv Lucite)

I Luv Lucite (Image via I Luv Lucite)

This Los Angeles-based, female-owned brand brings the founders ‘obsession with the’ 80s and art-deco aesthetics into the home. I Luv Lucite offers stunning furniture and artwork that is more likely to be seen on movie and TV shows or in design museums than in a person’s living room, making it a real buy even more exciting.


Lost & Hound Vintage: Thrift Quirks and Home Decor (Image via Lost & Hound Vintage)

Lost & Hound Vintage (Image via Lost & Hound Vintage)

This vintage, gay-owned retailer sniffs pre-loved, high-quality mid-century-2000 items. From hamburger-shaped phones to McDonald’s Happy Meal Tamagotchi key chains, Lost & Hound offers so much nostalgia that it’s a time capsule ready to unlock childhood memories.


Metier Paris: antique and antique jewelry (Image via Metier Paris)

Profession Paris (Image via Métier Paris)

This former jeweler based in France specializes in pieces from the Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian eras. Through rings, earrings, pendants, lockets and necklaces, each piece adds a historic touch to an outfit.


Vintage Treasures Netherlands (Netherlands)

Vintage Treasures Netherlands: Vintage and 70s themed interior design (Image via Vintage Treasures Netherlands)

Vintage Treasures Netherlands (Image via Vintage Treasures Netherlands)

This Instagram-based seller offers his followers everything from wicker furniture and brass knickknacks, to decor and lighting. There are plenty of eye-catching pieces and style inspirations in this account to make it easier to see these retro pieces in your own home.


White Christmas wreaths (US)

White Christmas Wreaths: Vintage Inspired Holiday Decor (Image via White Vintage Wreaths)

White Christmas Wreaths (Image via White Vintage Wreaths)

It’s never too early to start thinking about Halloween and Christmas decorating. Despite the name, White Christmas Wreaths recognizes multiple holidays throughout the year by creating handmade decor using various vintage items to bring Christmas and holiday nostalgia to your home.


The White Pepper Vintage (United States)

The White Pepper: Old Books Online (Image via The White Pepper)

White Pepper (Image via White Pepper)

This former teacher’s online store will help you fill your shelves with stories from classic tales and obscure tales to turn your home into a library of rare books. Its collection of works of art will transform halls into galleries with an array of portraits and picturesque natural landscapes.


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