10 Creative Kids Clothing Stores in NH, MA, Southern ME

Remember when every small town in New England had its own children’s clothing store? It may have been part of a bigger store, but somehow we still managed to get our clothes from our local store, rather than the big city.

Now, with so many options online, where are the best, most creative, and fun stores to shop for clothes for babies, toddlers, or older kids? There aren’t that many anymore.

I’m not talking about malls, like Gap, The Children’s Store, Old Navy, Carter’s, or consignment stores (which offer bargains). These are all great stores for the basics, with sales that will put a smile on any mum’s face.

I wanted to find the really cool places and stylish shops that sell things you can touch, smell and see. These stores inspire us all and bring out the fun we were all born with.

Happy kids hugging together

Serr Novik

Today’s fabrics are organic and soft, with a touch of personality and uniqueness, just like your child. Many of these shops are owned by mums and feature local, handmade goods to show off the city’s pride.

Looking for a baby gift? These stores are quirky and stylish, with a touch of smarts and personality in their designs, including clothing, accessories, outerwear, shoes, toys and games.

Who knew there were so many options for kids’ shoes, from baby to toddler to tween. Caps are another fun item, with cute sayings that will show off some of that kid-friendly attitude.

Let’s look at children’s clothing stores in northern Massachusetts, southern Maine, and New Hampshire that stood out for their uniqueness and individuality.

10 Creative Kids Clothing Stores in Southern ME, NH and Northern MA

Unique children’s clothing stores are hard to find. Except for mall kids’ clothes, here are the best and funniest stores in Northern New England.

Move over, Disney World, Kimball’s Legendary Farm, it’s 50 acres of family fun time in Massachusetts

Kimball Farm in Westford, MA is like the Disney of the North Shore, with over 50 acres of fun activities for the whole family.

Anne G. Cash